Newport Golf Club Isle of Wight
Weather Forecast

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Poor weather in itself is not a good reason for discontinuing play but bad weather accompanied by lightning, or the very real risk of lightning, most certainly is. Common sense dictates that play in these circumstances must be discontinued in the interest of safety. If there is an evident risk of lightning, play must be discontinued:

Players must proceed in accordance with Rule 6-8 of the Rules of Golf whether or not the Klaxon/Horn is sounded. Play is automatically discontinued on the sound of 3 short bursts of the Klaxon and a player MAY NOT override the Committee decision in this respect. In competitions, play will resume on the sound of 2 long blasts of the Klaxon.

It is the player's own responsibility to discontinue play when in his/ her opinion, lightning exists or is imminent. Players have a duty to themselves in these circumstances and must familiarise themselves with the Rules of Golf.



The fact that the course has not been officially closed does not warrant that it is fit for play.

Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions. They also have a duty to take care not to injure themselves.

If conditions are foggy, or you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land, or ground conditions are such that it is impossible to judge how far the ball is likely to travel, DO NOT PLAY.

Playing in such conditions is dangerous - Players would do so at their own risk