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Club Competitions 2017

XMAS Hamper Sun

12 November 2017


1st Sean Obrien
2nd Paul Williams
3rd George Ringer



XMAS Hamper Sat

11 November 2017


1st Steve Johnson
2nd Paul Williams
3rd Gary Marshall 


Hayward Cup

14th October 2017


1st Paul Arnold nett 63
2nd Pete Redhead nett 67
3rd Rex Ringer nett 68

Watkins Par

30 September 2017

1st Ashley Wright

2nd Gary Marshall

3rd Rob Turner


Clubhouse Medal 

2 September 2017

1st Ashley Wright 64

2nd Steve Johnson 65

3rd Rob Turner 66


Carisbrooke Cup

19 August 2017


1st Sean Obrien

2nd Tam Wilson

3rd Lee Phillips


Coronation Cup

12 August 2017

1st John Lee

2nd Yo Farrer

3rd George Ringer




5 August 2017

1st T Wilson/H Lythgow 49pts
2nd A. Day/L. Simpkins 46
3rd B Jervis/D Houghton 44



Cridland Cup

29/30 July 2017

Sean O'Brien



Club Championship 2017

15/16 July 2017

Club champion Josh Elmore

Handicap champ Benj Jervis

Junior champ Nick Mathews

Mc enzie cup ( most birdies) Andy Blythe

0 to 12  Benj Jervis

13to 28 Blake Ashton 




This years Captains day was held on 1st July 2017.

1st J Twilley/ B Tucker/ G Andrews/ B Groom

2nd P Mew/ R Dixcy/R Newcombe/P Rassmussen

3rd P Gray/ J Gray/R Cousins/.Lee Phillips


Milne Cup 

17 June 2017


1st Pete Mew

2nd Tom Caddy

3rd Neil Warder



Ernie Simms

4 June 2017


1st John Lee and Rex Ringer

2nd Terry Phillips and Ashley Wright

3rd Thomas Wilson and Paul Gunnel 


Vectis Stone

27 May 2017

1st Andy Dudley

2nd Gary Marshall

3rd Josh Elmore


Keith Whitcomb Rosbowl 

20 June 2017

1st George Ringer

2nd Andy Wheeler

3rd Neil Warder 


Spring Cup

13 June 2017

1st Benj Jervis

2nd Steve Johnson

3rd Ollie Wilson


Downland Trophy

6 June 2017

1st Tom Caddy and Lee Phillips

2nd Yo Farrer and Gary Marshall

3rd Doug Turner and Rob Turner


Secretarys Cup

29 April 2017

1st Rob Turner, Russell Hartnell, Doug Turner

2nd Yo Farrer, Keith Fryer,Andy Wheeler

3rd Steve Newman,Simon Biles, Pete Redhead


Terry Fryer Trophy   

15/16 April 2017

1st Pete Redhead

2nd Dave Stockbridge

3rd Josh Elmore 


Newport Vase

8 April 2017

1st Russell Hartnell and Paddy Rasmussen

2nd Thomas Wilson and Billy Makepeace

3rd Terry Phillips and Ashley Wright